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WhatTheHeck Were They Thinking?
Sites that make you ask, "What The Heck?"
Updated: 3/27/2000
Excerpts from the link are in red

    No, not the new X-men movie. This is some nonsense about how bad it is to make food to feed the whole planet, and save trees and the environment by having higher yield farming through science and innovation.

    "The process of industrialising food production which they have been imposing on us over the last few decades consists of destroying subsistence and organic farming and replacing it with a system based on:
    *Massive inputs of petro-chemicals in the form of fuel for machinery, artificial fertilisers and biocides (herbicides and pesticides).
    *Production for a global market rather than for direct consumption (subsistence) or local markets. ...
    *The concentration of land ownership into fewer hands."

    Which means:
    1. Less pesticide needed to grow the same amount of food. Environment benefitted. People downstream happier.
    2. What's good about local markets? Global market means we can have food where they cannot make it themselves. I don't know how to interpret this to mean anything but that these people are pro-hunger.
    3. Less people have to farm. They can spend more time doing things "more interesting" like argueing politics over the web ;)

    For more detailed information about the benefits of genetically engineered crops, check out REASON's interview with Norman Borlaug.

  • Weirdest Laws in the US
    This is a great compilation of all the really, really stupid laws that are kicking around. Let's see... I've violated at least three of these on a semi-regular basis.

  • Socialist Party USA
    "Socialists believe that all those who earn their incomes through work - whether by hand or brain - have a common interest in transforming our economic system from capitalism to socialism, and that working people around the world have more in common with each other than with their national rulers."

    I guess there's a small number of people out there who make money without working (must be those pesky magic money trees again...) preventing Socialism from occuring.

  • FlashBack
    Whoa! Why should I hunt around for pages on socialism, when this site does it for me!
    They have a very large and comprehensive index of commuist and socialist sites. Perhaps I'll peruse it later.

  • Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas
    They've put so much time and energy into their science of hate and judgement of other people's lives that they haven't stopped to ask any questions about their own starting assumptions.

  • 1001 Quotes By and About Jews
    It amazes me that someone could actually make a site so flagrantly hateful and biased as this. What the Heck!

  • Gettysburg chapter of the College Socialists
    "Free quality universal health care for all. Free education from preschool through college including skills, vocational and continuing adult education. Free universal 24 hour quality child care for working parents. Massive low cost housing programs."

    I wouldn't mind platforms like this if they gave us some idea of who is paying for all of this "free" stuff. Maybe in their society they have magic money trees.

  • Adbusters Media Foundation
    Adbusters want to tell you that consumerism is bad, and we should all rip up our credit cards. Unless, of course, you're talking about their magazine.

  • From the Freedom Socialist Party
    "Capitalist economic crises ... are not crises of scarcity, like all pre-capitalist crises; they are crises of overproduction. The unemployed die of hunger not because there is too little to eat but because there is relatively too great a supply of foodstuffs."

    Argh! Too much food. Can't eat it all... starving ....
    Ok, ok. I won't take it too much out of context. They go on to say:

    "At first sight the thing seems incomprehensible... But the mechanism of the capitalist system makes this seeming paradox understandable. Goods which do not find buyers not only do not realize their surplus-value but they do not even return their invested capital [i.e., not only fail to produce a profit, but do not even cover costs]. The slump in sales therefore forces businessmen to suspend their operations [and] lay off their workers. And since laid-off workers have no reserves ... unemployment obviously condemns them to the starkest poverty and precisely because the relative abundance of goods has resulted in a slump in sales."

    Um, usually goods that don't find buyers aren't produced the next time around. It's that fun thing called the supply and demand curve.

  • Critiques of Libertarianism FAQ.
    By Mike Huben.
    This contains many fallacious arguments.
    The response to the FAQ, by Mark LaRochelle, can be seen Here.
    Mike Huben's response to the response is Here.
    A different response to the FAQ by David D. Friedman is Here

  • Democratic Socialists of America
    "A democratic socialist politics for the 21st century must promote an international solidarity dedicated to raising living standards across the globe, rather than "leveling down" in the name of maximizing profits and economic efficiency. Equality, solidarity, and democracy can only be achieved through international political and social cooperation aimed at ensuring that economic institutions benefit all people. Democratic socialists are dedicated to building truly international social movements - of unionists, environmentalists, feminists, and people of color -that together can elevate global justice over brutalizing global competition."

    Whattheheck! They know that their philosophy means less economic efficiency and competition?

  • National Socialism
    "Thus, the highest purpose of a National Socialist state is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind. We, as Aryans, can conceive of the state only as the living organism of a nationality which not only assures the preservation of this nationality, but by the development of its spiritual and ideal abilities leads it to the highest freedom. . . ."

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