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The 25 Best Libertarian Sites

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The Random Site of the Moment:
The Libertarian Party of Metro Milwaukee
The online home of the Libertarian Party of Metro Milwaukee

Rank Site Total In Total Out
1 Libertarian Monthly Poll / www.1492.ws / NEW POLL
Monthly LP Poll
8532 817
2 Liberty For All - Online Magazine
Dedicated to Liberty and restoring our government to its Constitutional limits. 14 Columns featuring the best libertarian thinkers on the net explore topics from the drug war to oppressive taxation.
7779 6172
3 Cass County Libertarian
Home of the 2004 LP Presidential Straw Poll. LP news, polls, photos.
5995 4170
4 The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin
Libertarianism from the dairy state!
4524 2026
5 Libertasia
A virtual libertarian nation complete with a citizenship test plus msg boards and general commentary
4116 2161
6 Young Libertarians Unite!
Educate, Agitate, Smash the Nanny and Police State!
3091 3502
7 Badnarik for President
Libertarian campaign website
2909 370
8 ObjectiveHappiness.Com
Self-Help Freedom Philosophy, Liberty Links, Over 360 Shopping Sites and more.
2827 2121
9 Libertarian Rant
When you think there's nothing left for a frustrated libertarian to do...rant!
2798 2576
10 Lance Brown, Candidate for President in 2008
Home page of presidential candidate Lance Brown -- featuring The Free View weblog, E-Actions for Freedom, and more!
2650 1013
11 Missouri Libertarian Party
The politics of Freedom in the Show-me State
2029 2040
12 Against Them All Records
We're an online record store owned and run by Libertarians. We sell punk, hardcore, emo music.
1744 1977
13 It's All About Freedom! Jim Rongstad's Homepage
This web site is designed to promote the cause of liberty. Articles I have written, many quotes and
1536 1523
14 Laissez Faire Capitalism Gateway
extensive portal for sovereign individuals and anarcho-capitalists - weblogs, private messaging, news, payment tools, 1400+ links. something for everyone!
1516 916
15 Rational Review
The premier web journal of libertarian news and commentary on politics and culture.
1494 1026
16 Ex-Reprobate WebZine
A WebZine dedicated to Christianity and Freedom.
1439 1519
17 The Libertarian Enterprise
Published twice a month, TLE is a forum for libertarian thought.
1404 2008
18 Personal Liberty Solutions
In the top 130,000 of all Alexa-rated sites. Tracks the popularity of 24 liberty-oriented sites. Descriptive Liberty Links to 79 sites. Posters, books, and other products. Home of Shazam! graphics.
1333 1090
19 Free Sonoma Forum
libertarian supper club featuring libertarian speakers and programs for northern California
1151 1492
20 Libertarian Thinking
Libertarian thinking ! A web site on the politics of freedom and natural rights.
1148 2249
21 The Fifty Minute Hour
Libertarian commentary on the state of the world and the stupidity of governments.
1112 689
22 EducationalFreedom.com
Information, news and commentary regarding education free from government control and intrusion.
1088 273
23 Ontario Libertarian Party
Ontario (Canada) Libertarian Parties official Website
1029 397
24 Heretical Ideas
Up to the minute commentary on current events from a skewed libertarian perspecitve.
939 1700
25 Libertarian Party of Minnesota
Official site of the LP of Minnesota
909 464