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Frequently Asked Questions about
WhatTheHeck.com's "25 Best Libertarian Sites:"

Question: How does this work?
Answer: You put a link on your page (generated by our script). The sites with the most clickthru's to the "25 Best Libertarian Sites" will make the list. Each clickthru brings you higher up the list. If you are a low traffic site, fret not-- the "Random Site of the Moment" highlights a random site regardless of rank.

Question: Why should I join this program?
Answer: Many reasons, including free, targeted advetising. People who visit this site are from sites that are already libertarian in nature.

Question: Our site is already high trafficked, give us more reasons to join.
Answer: Sites with lots of traffic will get the prestige of being named as one of the best libertarian resources on the WWW. And being listed along side other reputable sites can only increase your reputation. Finally, smaller sites often glance over leaders of libertarian thought when making a seemingly obligatory links page-- by joining, you cover that base!

Question: I'm the webmaster of a low trafficked site, why should I bother?
Answer: Not only will you be linking to what we hope will be a very thorough collection of libertarian links, but your traffic may increase when you are the "Random Site of the Moment." And no longer will you have to worry about keeping your links page up-to-date, because dead links will fall off the "25 Best" list.

Question: Tell me a bit about WhatTheHeck.com.
Answer: WhatTheHeck was founded by two recent gradutes of a respected liberal arts university in New England. We saw the domain name was available, and could not pass up the opportunity to have a registered colloquialism. Both of us are adamant libertarians, and see the "25 Best" as a way to spread libertarian throughout WWW.
Even before the introduction of the "25 Best," WhatTheHeck.com had about 1,000 unique daily visitors and over a quarter of a million page views monthly.

Question: I still have questions. Where do I send them?
Answer: Email the webmaster at webmaster@WhatTheHeck.com.

Question: I'm convinced! How do I sign up?
Answer: Click here! The HTML needed to join the program will be emailed to you. Also, use this link to update your information later on.