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Vicious Circle
Item #134815280
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Currently $0.25 First bid $0.25
Quantity 1 # of bids 1 (bid history) (with emails)
Time left 6 days, 11 hours + Location Your neighbors back yard
Started 07/20/99, 22:24:01 PDT envelope (mail this auction to a friend)
Ends 07/27/99, 22:24:01 PDT [Gift Alert] (request a gift alert)
Seller stevebarchowski (0) mask
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High bid teabags44 (7)
Payment Money Order/Cashiers Checks, See item description for payment methods accepted
ShippingBuyer pays actual shipping charges, See item description for shipping charges

Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Currency is dollar ($) unless otherwise noted.

Hi there!

You are bidding on one vicious circle. Well, I guess it's not really a circle, as it's a little oblong. You shouldn't be nitpicking though - This is your only chance to own your very own VICIOUS CIRCLE!

It all started out when my friend - let's call him Roy (because that's his fucking name) - started selling drugs. I liked all the money he made. He told me, "Hey, Stevie boy, I can get you in on the action too." I jumped at the chance. Houses, cars, girls, you name it, I could get it. It was all roses for a while, and I got pretty accustomed to the lifestyle. I spent THOUSANDS every week on shit I didn't need. I was having fun, taking no shit, I had a couple of people killed, you know, it was all good.

Then I started using my own merchandise. This was when the shit hit the fan. I couldn't go on selling, because I was snorting it all up, profits up my nose, you know? I couldn't stop selling, because then I wouldn't have any money or blow. No nose candy. To top it all off, I owed my distribs about 60 grand, and I couldn't pay it off. I realized what a bad situation I was in - it was a VICIOUS CIRCLE! - and you can own it too!

Experience the heart ache, the overdoses, the long nights of vomitting, and the days upon days of not eating! Act now, and I'll throw in a frying pan and a fire.

I've included a pic of the vicious circle below. Buyer pays shipping of $60,000.00 dollars in the world. I gotta get my money some how, you know?

On 07/20/99 at 22:32:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

This little fucker is MAD Vicious! I got some email as soon as I listed this item, asking me just HOW vicious this little devil is. Well, let me tell you that he'll fuck your sister while killing your cat and throwing lit cigarettes at your mom. He'll dig your grandparents up and piss in their eye sockets. AND he doesn't discriminate, either. He'll hire someone to kill your kids and anally rape your father. Watch out for this crazy vicious circle!


Vicious Circle (Item #134815280)

Current bid $0.25
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Minimum bid $0.30

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