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WhatTheHeck.com staff suggests the following books to add to your library:
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Economic Literacy: What Everyone Needs to Know About Money and Markets Buy this book!  Click here!
by Jacob DeRooy
Economics in simple terms, with solid examples. Better than any college textbook on the subject, and a wonderful base for those interested in anything dealing with money and markets.
Also available in paperback.
See the WhatTheHeck book review.

Eat The Rich: A Treatise on Economics Buy this book!  Click here!
by P.J. O'Rourke
Journalist P.J. O'Rourke brings free enterprise into the limelight with his special brand of wit. Gives great insight to the economic squalor of Cuba while suggesting ways others can avoid Castro's "solution."
Also available in paperback and on audio cassette (abridged).

Libertarianism: A Primer Buy this book!  Click here!
by David Boaz
A must-read for anyone interested in libertarian ideals. Mr. Boaz is Vice President of the Cato Institute. Excerpts from the book and its introduction can be found at Libertarianism.org.
Also available in paperback.

Free To Choose: A Personal Statement Buy this book!  Click here!
by Milton and Rose Friedman
A persuasive defense of laissez-faire economics by a leader in the economically conservative world. Check back soon for a review of this book by WhatTheHeck staff, but if you are wondering why Milton Friedman is holding a pencil on the cover, see the "i, pencil" essay linked to on the left.

The Road to Serfdom Buy this book!  Click here!
by Friedrich A. Hayek
What could be the definitive argument against socialism and big government. Friedrich Hayek has no relation to Selma but this book is still worth reading.

Also available in paperback.

Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life Buy this book!  Click here!
by David D. Friedman
"Hidden Order helps us look at everday experience from the perspective of basic economics. Readers will be surprised to learn how much economics explain about their own behavior as well as about that of others, including those who claim to 'do good'"

-James M. Buchanan, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1986