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If You Build It...
What Others Think of WhatTheHeck

The web is a crazy, crazy place. So crazy, in fact, that some reputable (and other not-so-reputable) websites have covered us! A lot of these don't work, and this isn't a comprehensive list. If you come to our site from another article, and it's not here, clicky-clicky the "comments, complaints, etc." link at the top, and tell us about it.

Articles and Blurbs
* Featured in ZDNet's Daily Net Buzz, 7/12/99
* Heralded at About.com's Worst of the Web, 7/21/99
* Mentioned in the 7/30/99 Suck.com column.
* Cited in a BBC article, 9/3/99
* 9/7/99, linked to by News Unlimited
* Cited on 9/8/99 at UrbanLegends.About.com
* An article about us in IGN for Men, 10/19/00
* A featured link on NetTalk Live, 3/4/00
* The Cory And Jay Show, 3/6/00
* Jeannette Walls' MSNBC column on 3/6/00
* Page one of the Philadelphia Inquirer's Tech Section
          (click here for a scan)
* Given an animated review on BitMagic.com
          (click here to download the movie as an executable)
* Named one of "The Web's Best Comedy Links" by Comedy Central (7/01)
* The Dallas Morning News called us a "time-waster," but an efficient one at that (1/5/02)
* Howard Kurtz notes our site in the Washington Post (4/22/02)

Accolades and Awards
* Multiple (100+ days) times on Self-Gov.org's Hot Ten
* User Friendly Link of the Day, 7/9/99
* A Slashdot "Quickie," 7/19/00
* Site of the Day for 9/10/99 at Techmall.com
* 9/30/99 Cool Site of the Day
* A Yahoo! "Cool Link," 2/22/00
* TheDaily.com featured link
* USA Today Hot Site for 3/2/00
* A GaryCraig.com Hot Site 2 for the day of 3/10/00
* Comedy Zone Silver Award winner on 4/10/00
* A DailyHotSite Pick-of-the-Day, 4/18/00

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