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What The Heck is This?
About Our Site

Okay, WhatTheHeck is this site? Silly question.

And if you ask a silly question, you deserve a silly answer.

We are not a banana. Or a salamander. Or, for that matter, an ad for Foster's. (That'd be Australian for Beer.) We have nothing to do with Fahrfignoogen or however that is spelled. No, He-Man has never been here but Skeletor almost was (old machines, please don't click that. You will crash, we promise). We overuse parenthesis because they look funny (no, not really) and because .... oh, it's late, we cannot think of anything funny. We do not team-write things but like to use "we" because it inflates our (see, "our") sense of self-importance. But we are not a banana nonetheless.

But someday, maybe, we will be. They are high in potassium, ya know.

In 1998 -- October, maybe November -- we registered this URL ("Universal Resource Locator." Now you know. And knowing? That's right -- half the battle). Why? Well, duh. If you realized that "WhatTheHeck.com" wasn't taken, you'd register it, too. But we beat you to it.

Ha ha.

Anyway, we were going to make it a forum site. A place where people could be talkin' religion and politics, for all the world to hear (That's from Don Imus. "We" stole it). But the forums sucked, so we just went mad in the head. Looney toons. Unscrewed. One pickle short of -- shoot, that's twice we couldn't think of anything.

Let's go for three. We started logging eBay auctions. Real ones, but silly ones. People started coming to the website. We don't know how it started, because we never took out any ads. Not even that horrible Link Exchange thing Microsoft used to run. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch. Zero. We could continue, but you get the point. If you don't, please leave. Now.

For those of you still remaining -- and we hope that is all of you -- welcome to WhatTheHeck.com. We hope you know what we are doing, because clearly, we don't.

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